About Us


Cavallino Accommodation is a specific rental web site for temporary houses to rent.
The object is to promote friendly and cosy houses, in particular locations in armony with the landscape through their peculiar style that make the difference from the most rental houses all over the web sites. The site starts to manage 4 italian properties in 4 different amenities places for 4 different seasons: City, Mountain, Sea and Countryside:

  • Cavallino Rosso: Rome, historical and romantic city among the most beautiful cities in the world, known as The Eternal City, what else!
  • Cavallino Verde: In the heart of Umbria, between Perugia and Todi, close to Orvieto, Assisi and Spoleto. This rural stone villa overlooks the Tiber Valley as well as the villages dotted over the hilltops. Art, history, good food and wine, sport or just relaxation make your choice the perfect vacation off the usual beaten tourist tracks;
  • Cavallino Bianco: Roccaraso, The most important South central italian ski resort close to the Abruzzo National Park and Majella National Park;
  • Cavallino Blu: Villasimius, just a step form the inimitable Sardinian sea, in the heart of Proteced Sea Area of Capo Carbonara and 50 minutes from the International Cagliari Airport. An unforgettable place where enjoy the Italian life style from its patio, drinking a chilly white wine while the moon flickering its shadow on the sea...

This site is part of a larger project called F.A.B.I.O (Friendly Accommodation By International Owners) where is possible to promote second houses made up with love in particular locations with peculiar vibs, that latins use to call “genius loci”. The taste of your own private home is something that gives to the travelers the good feeling to start an unforgettable vacation. That’s why being part of this project is not just to have a house to rent but something different to offer. The range of people is between 35 and 55 to whose are used to travel and to whose like to return where they had good time.

So, let’s start from our own houses!

CavallinoAccommodation wishes you a good stay!