Hello and welcome in Friends of Cavallino
 The aim of CavallinoAccommodation is to rent out the houses of family friends and those of the family. It’s an opportunity for us to make those houses that are not lived any longer, revive. Those old family vacation houses that we could afford in the past but not anymore for the excessive maintenance costs.
This website is also a network of those who have real estate to share with whom wants to stay in places that have an homely atmosphere.
This is the space where you should be if you’d like to be a Friend of Cavallino! If you like to host people from all over the world and enjoy it when they are happy, then you can become a Friend of the houses of Cavallino!
CavallinoAccommodation will help you to increase you exposure on the web without any registration fee nor share on your rents, will put you in direct contact with the client and then you will manage the relation and the transaction with him. If you like it, CavallinoAccommodation will supply you with suggestions, back-ups and expert advices to help you move your first steps in this secondary business. Or you can use CavallinoAccommodation as a business card to use in association with other rental homes portals. You’ll be able to manage independently the forms of payment and everything that regards the payment. To take part in CavallinoAccommodation is simple and free, you need to follow the steps that you find below, upload images and texts that describe the estate and send the registration form. This will not tie you in any bound nor commitment. CavallinoAccommodation will take the time to develop your registration and maybe to ask you clarifications before accepting your request.
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